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fire show! 

the other night we went to an amazing fire show! these guys were incredible. toward the end one of the performers walked through the audience and then threw back one of his fire poi things - on fire - and the other performer on the stage about 30 feet away caught it and continued spinning it without pause! there’s so much more i could say but i’ll let the pictures say the rest…

the event really topped off the day for me as the first half of the day i spent (somehow) doing my first multi-pitch sport climb ever (on a rock-face overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the world) - and then sleeping off the adrenaline! (wish i had pictures! but it was way too intense to be taking photos not to mention that i dropped and lost my glasses! and probably would have dropped and lost my camera/phone too had i taken it up with me!)

  • 4 September 2011
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